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The Cattery

Our cattery is TICA (The International Cat Association), Lux Cat Club (a Luxembourgish Club) and BeTICA Club (a Belgian Club) registered. Our cats and kittens all live and grow with us; they also have a special room dedicated to them, where they come and go, with cat trees, toys, litter boxes, a cat wheel and places to climb over, sleep and hide. A real paradise for cats. They have free access to this room as well as to the rest of the house. 


We have a maternity, which is a room dedicated to mommy-cat, where she gives birth, rests, and where her kittens can grow and play safely until they are around one month old. When they reach that age and start having a better immunity, they are free to go around the house as they like, in order to be well socialized, to get used to house noises such as the doorbell, television, the vacuum cleaner,… but also to meet our other animals. It is crucial for us that our kittens end up well socialized, with a sweet temper and a loving character. As they live with us, they will receive huge amounts of hugs and kisses.

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When a new cat arrives at our Cattery, he first has to stay in a Quarantine room for around 15 days. During that period, he will get used to us, as well as to the smells of his new home. It is a very important phase for them. We will also be able to check that our new buddy is healthy, dewormed and free of any contagious disease, in order to preserve our other cats. If everything goes well after those 15 days, he will then meet the rest of the crew, and house.

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