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Our kittens’ prices differ depending on the pattern, the color, the body type, how they match the  Bengal Cat Breed’s standards, the parents’ pairing,…

Health first


All our breeding cats are tested, and free from FIV, FELV, PKDef, PRA-b, intestinal parasites (Tritichomonas, Giardia, Coccidia and Cryptosporidium), and are screened for HCM (heart ultrasound) and PKD (kidney ultrasound) yearly. We also test them to make sure they are free from the Chlamydia bacteria, the feline Coronavirus, the Calicivirus and the Herpesvirus. Click here to learn more about all those tests and the Bengal’s health. Of course our cats are also vaccinated and dewormed regularly. 


How can I reserve my kitten?

Our kittens will be evaluated at around 4 weeks. This way we have time to see their evolution and potential. Their price is then fixed. If you wish to reserve a kitten, a deposit of 1/3 of that said kitten’s price will be requested. It will be deducted from his price, and is not refundable. If there is no deposit made, the kitten can be offered to another family. 



Here is a range of prices per color, for our Pet Bengal Kittens :

Brown : 1400€ - 1600€

Seal Lynx / Mink / Sepia : 1500€ - 1700€

Silver : 1600€ - 1800€

Charcoal : 1600€ - 1900€

Blue : 1600€ - 1800€

Melanistic : 1600€ - 1800€

To know our Breeding/Show Kittens’ prices and conditions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We only sell to serious and ethical breeders.

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What does this price include?


Every Kitten will leave with :

  • A sales contract

  • A welcome booklet

  • A health record

  • A certificate of good health made by a veterinary

  • Health guarantees

  • A Pedigree 

  • Microchipped

  • Vaccinated for typhus, coryza and rabies

  • Dewormed regularly

  • A Passport

  • Neutered/Spayed for Pet Kittens

  • Socialized

  • Support, follow-up and advices for life

  • 10% of the Kitten's price will be refunded to an Association or an Animal Cause we choose. Don't hesitate to ask us more about it.

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For international delivery, the transport price is to be added to the kitten’s price. 

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