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Love of Inani

Love of Inani

Brown Bengal Cat Carrier for Seal Lynx Point and APb


C/cs APb/A D/D i/i


PK-def N/N - PRA-b N/N - HCM - PKD pending - Infectious diseases ok


Date of birth : 12th of November 2020

Love is our very first Keeper Girl. She is Mina and Leo's daughter. She took the best of both worlds : she has her mommy's strong chin, nice genetic and wide whisker pads, and her daddy's straight profile, smaller ears and wild look. Love has a She has quite big nocturnal eyes, that are well placed, and a beautiful pattern. We hope to  add a wilder touch to our breeding program thanks to her.

Love also has the best personality : she starts purring as soon as someone looks at her, and really likes cuddles. She is still very young, so we are watching her evolution with huge enthousiasm.

We are excited to see the little Brown, Seal Lynx, Seal Mink, Silver and Charcoal babies she will give birth to.

Love of Inani
Love of Inani
Love of Inani
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