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Bengal Cat Breed Origin

How was the Bengal created ?


The Bengal Cat originates from crossing a domestic cat with an Asian Leopard cat. The purpose of this outcross is to create a mini panther, with the wild look of the leopard and the sweet temperament of the domestic cat.

This Asian Leopard cat can be found in China, Nepal, Laos, India, Japan,… The first outcross was made in 1963, by Jean S. Mill. She began crossing the ALC with domestic felines, starting with her own solid black tomcat. The first cross is called F1, the second F2 and the third F3. From F4 and on, the Bengal cat is considered as a domestic cat, and can participate to shows.

Asian Leopard Cat

Which breeds were used ?

Different breeds were used in the « making » of the Bengal cat, for new bloodlines, temperament and look attributes: 



Jean S. Mill

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