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Temper & Behavior

A Dog-like Cat

Bengals are the best Cat Breed! They are really dog-like cats ! They will wait for you at your front door when you get back home from work or school, follow you around the house, play fetch with you. Some Bengals even enjoy going for walks on the leach, and learn how to sit jump through circles or give a high five. These mini-leopards are super smart, not only do they learn tricks, they can also learn how to open doors and drawers. 

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Very close to his Humans

They are interested by everything, and love Human contact. Being a vet student, I spend a lot of late nights awake, in front of my lessons, and I am delighted to have my Bengals with me : they keep me company, and are the best study buddies. 

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Energetics and Water Lovers

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Bengal Cats are very energetic : they need some daily playtime. Cat wheels are incredible for indoor active cats: it will allow them to exert themselves physically without having to go outside. Bengals love to jump and climb quite high, so getting a cat tree might be a really nice idea if you are planning on adopting a little panther. However, although they are very active cats, they also love to just sit on your lap and cuddle. 

Something that often surprises everyone is that they absolutely love water ! This trait comes from the Asian Leopard Cat, who even fishes to eat ! So be prepared for this : your Bengal is very likely to jump in the tub or to get in the shower with you. He probably will splash his water bowl everywhere and play with the tap if they have access to it : as we have mentioned before, Bengals are very intelligent, and some have learnt to open the tap whenever they want!

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Bengals and other animals...

Finally, Bengals are very social : they are super talkative, they will answer to whatever you say to them, and will easily make you understand what they want by meowing. They really enjoy an another cat's company, but not only : they generally get along very well with other animal species such as dogs, rabbits (with oversight) etc. Since Bengals are so social, and if you are away a lot (because of work for example), we really advise our adopters to take two cats so that they have each others company. Bengals also get along with kids very well : they will be the perfect game buddy, and cuddle giver. They are sweet, easy going, and love to be petted. What could we ask more from a cat? Not only do they look amazing, they also have the best character !

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