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The Rest of our Fluffy Family

As you probably already have understood, we are fond of animals. All of them. As soon as we move into a bigger place, with a huge garden, we hope to adopt a pig, a cow, two horses, sheep and goats, hens and ducks,… A real farm ! 

This is why we’d like you to meet our lovely pack !

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Mia, our White Swiss Shepherd

Mia is a real sweetheart. She is the most devoted dog you will ever see. She really has a special bond with us : she trusts us a 100%, and knows she can count on us. Mia is a young 2 years old girl full of energy and joy. She is extremely funny and loves to play with her cats-siblings. She is very sweet, patient and gentle with them : it is exceptional to see her behaviour with kittens. She is a real source of happiness, and we are delighted to count her as a member of our family.

Liù, our European Black Cat

Liù is our doyenne. She is a rescued kitty. We found her when she was about 3 weeks old. The poor little thing was infested with ear mites, and had cat flu. Her mom and brothers and sisters had all died. She was the only survivor. She has had a very rough beginning but she is now perfectly healthy and happy. Liù is an exceptionally intelligent cat. She does cat agility and knows how to sit. She doesn’t like being petted too much but she loves company, and is always around. 

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Du Règne du Bengal Naliah, our Snow Lynx Bengal

Naliah is our first Pet Bengal. She is a Snow Lynx girl. She is the most affectionate ! She loves belly rubs and always greets us with purrs when we come back from our working day. Naliah is a real food lover. Whatever it is you are eating, she will find it incredibly appealing and yummylicious. This is pretty ironic considering the fact that she was the tiniest kitten of her litter, weighting only 46 grams when she was born! Fortunately, her breeder did an incredible job and managed to save her.  Naliah is the one who made us fall for the Bengal Cat breed, and we are incredibly grateful for her. Thank you Sabine for this loving girl. 

We travel a lot between our two families, and they come over very often too, so your future kitten will probably get in touch with their gorgeous pets as well:

Chips, the 14 years old Jack Russell & Fripouille, the 13 years old European Cat 


Nacho, the 3 years old Pomeranian, Zarga the 1 year old French Bouledogue & Figaro, the 3 year old European Cat, with Cerebellar Ataxia


Luna, the 14 years old Border Collie & Arya, the 2 years old Samoyed

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