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Bengalissimo Poker


Brown Bengal Cat Carrier for Seal Sepia and Dilute (Blue)

C/cb A/A D/d i/i

PK-def N/N - PRA-b N/N - HCM ok - PKD ok - Infectious diseases ok 


Date of birth : 4th of October 2019

Poker is our treasure boy. He comes from Netherlands, from our friends Michelle and Janine, whom we thank from the bottom of our hearts for this lovely guy. We are very happy to co-own Poker with our friend Caro, owner of the great Cattery « Coeur de Moon » in France. 

Poker is a very handsome and big boy. He has a very strong and firm body. He has a very thick and short tail and a beautiful wild gait. His head is very pretty, with big copper eyes, a wide nose, nice whisker pads, and an incredibly straight profile. He has the most amazing pattern, with huge jet-blacked rosettes, very warm orangish tones and a perfect contrast with a super clear backround. His coat is the softest and he is covered with golden glitter, which we absolutely love.


As if this wasn’t enough, Poker has a super interesting genetic, as he carries for Seal Sepia and the Dilution, which are both pretty rare. Finally, he is the sweetest boy : he is very gentle, and will start purring as soon as we touch him. He loves to play, but is also a cuddles craver.


We are so excited to see the wonders Poker will do with our girls… From him, we can expect Brown, Seal Mink, Seal Sepia, Blue and Silver kittens, of large size, with straight profiles, extreme contrast and beautiful rosettes.

Bengalissimo Poker
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Bengalissimo Poker
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