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Your choice for your future’s baby’s diet is going to be crucial for his own good and health. You have to know that Bengals, and cats in general, are strict carnivores. This means they absolutely need meat, and a high level of proteins to be energetic, healthy and full of vitality. 

We have decided to feed our cats a mixed  Diet  :

- kibbles : We mainly feed them with kibbles : they have a dry and hard texture, which is important for teeth hygiene, in order to prevent dental plaques and tartar. 

wet food : They get wet food 3-4 times a week : it contains a lot of water, which helps preventing urinary tract problems troubles, and keeps them well hydrated.


Pet Food found in grocery stores is generally full of poor quality grains and proteins. It contains thousands of additives and ashes which are all very bad for cats : a bad diet can lead to so many diseases, starting of course with deficiencies, obesity and diabetes, but also with bladder stones, tumors, heart failures... I think you understand why a balanced diet is so important.

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At Inani Bengals, we give our cats "Digestive Care" kibbles and wet food. As you may have already heard, Bengals are known to have quite a sensitive Digestive Tract. This brand contains highly digestive proteins, of good quality, to ensure a nice and balanced intestinal flora. We are very happy with this brand : our cats love it, and they have very soft and shiny coats. They are strong and muscular, healthy, and full of love and energy.

Of course, our pregnant and breastfeeding mommies have a special Diet which is richer in proteins, fats and vitamins, and perfect for our Queens to have all the energy they need to grow and/or feed kittens. It is the same brand we give to our kittens when they start eating, at 1 month old, until they are around 4 months old. It is the "Mother and BabyCat First Age".

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When our kittens reach 4 months, they get the "Kitten" ones : they have less fats than the previous ones, and more proteins and fibers. 

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