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Mina El Embrujo

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Brown Bengal Cat Carrier for Seal Lynx Point and APb


C/cs APb/A D/D i/i


PK-def N/N - PRA-b N/N - HCM ok - PKD ok - Infectious diseases ok


Date of birth : 1st of March 2019

Mina is a little Latina girl : she comes from Málaga, in Spain. She has a straight profile, wide whisker pads and a strong chin. She has a nice pattern, with great symmetry and gorgeous perfectly round and aligned rosettes, in a horizontal flow. Plus she has no rib bars, and she carries for Seal Lynx and APb !

Other than that, Mina has the sweetest « meow ». She loves human company, and will jump on your lap to be petted whenever she can.


We are excited to see the little Brown, Seal Lynx, Seal Mink, Silver and Charcoal babies she will give birth to.


Thank you a lot to Cristina for this lovebird.

Mina El Embrujo
Mina El Embrujo
Mina El Embrujo
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