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Our Retired Queens

Bengalissimo Boo

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Seal Mink Bengal Cat


cb/cs A/A D/D i/i


PK-def N/N - PRA-b N/N - HCM OK - FIV/FeLV ok


Date of birth : 6th of August 2018

Boo is a breathtaking little girl. She comes from the Netherlands. She has the cutest little face, with amazing aqua eyes, with a very deep color. She has a beautiful straight profile, quite a nice chin and a short and thick tail. She has perfect symmetry, and an incredible glittered coat, with no rib bars and outstanding big rosettes, especially for a Snow Mink girl.

 Her character is just as insane : she is so sweet and outgoing. She loves everyone, even strangers. She is always purring around and cuddling. She loves water and enjoys swimming in the bath tub. We are truly blessed for this little girl and we couldn’t thank Janine and Michelle enough for this treasure.


Osiris Bengal Onyxia

Osiris Bengal Onyxia

Brown Bengal Cat Carrier for Seal Lynx Point (Snow Lynx) and Dilute (blue)


C/cs A/A D/d i/i


PK-def N/N - PRA-b N/N - HCM ok - PKD ok - Infectious diseases ok


Date of birth : 27th of July 2018

Ony is a little French girl, coming from near Montpellier. She has a gorgeous face, with a large nose and big green eyes. She has a nearly straight profile, with a very slight concave curve. She has a nice pattern, with no rib bars, a beautiful short and glittered coat, and amazing closed rosettes with a nice jet-black. We love her warm color and her wild gait. She also has a perfect symmetry between her two sides. 

Ony is an untamed girl : although she enjoys cuddling, she definitely prefers running around, playing fetch and pretending to be a stunt-cat. 


Thank you so much to Jessie for this little wonder.

Osiris Bengal Onyxia
Osiris Bengal Onyxia
Osiris Bengal Onyxia
Osiris Bengal Onyxia
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