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A Bengal cat generally weighs around 5 to 8 kilos for males, and 3 to 6 kilos for females. They mesure approximately 42 cm and have a normal lifespan of 14 to 18 years old. 

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What should the Bengal's Head look like?

The head is extremely important ! It should have round contours, and be longer than wide. 

The skull right behind the ears should make a small curve before flowing into the neck, and the head shall be quite small in comparison to the body.

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We like small ears, with rounded tops and a wide base. They should be pointing forward, and be as far appart as possible. Lynx tipping are undesired.

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Eyes should be big (but not bugged) and oval - roundish. They should be placed on the line separating the middle and lower third of the face. The depth of the color is also very important.

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The nose should be large and wide.  The neck should, just like the rest of the body, be strong and muscular.

The chin should be very strong : the stronger the better! From a profile view, it should be aligned with the tip of the nose. We want the profile to be nearly straight, with a slight concave curve. There should be no break between the forehead and the bridge of the nose.


We want a large muzzle, with big and high cheekbones and pronounced whisker pads.

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What should the Bengal's Body look like?


The torso shall be long and medium to large. The limbs should be middle length, with the hind ones slightly longer than the front ones. 


Feet should be round and big.


The tail is also an important part of the Bengal : it should be of medium length, and as thick as possible, with a tapered and rounded tip. The cat should look strong, sturdy and firm, with a developed musculature, especially for males.

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How important is the Standard if I want to do Shows?

During TICA shows, points are attributed, depending ​on how much the Head, Body and Coat fit match the standard. The more your cat has points, the more he has a chance to get an Award.

35 points for the Head :

- 6 points for the Head's Shape

- 6 points for the Ears

- 5 points for the Eyes

- 3 points for the Chin

- 4 points for the Muzzle

- 2 points for the Nose

- 6 points for the Profile

- 3 points for the Neck

30 points for the Body :

- 5 points for the Torso

- 4 points for the Legs

- 4 points for the Feet

- 5 points for the Tail

- 6 points for the Boning

- 6 points for the Musculature

35 points for the Coat :

- 10 points for the Color

- 10 points for the Texture

- 15 points for the Pattern

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